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Aerial Filming and Photography

“Providing the very best in Aerial Cinematography since 2014”



Aerial Filming Services

John’s aim is to provide the very best aerial shots when using the drone. He believes getting the drone through tight spaces and using foreground to develop shots really adds a huge amount. As his background is in camera work he has a very good eye for composing shots and can quickly work out how shots can be achieved.

He has a clean safety record adhering to regulations stated by the CAA. Feel free to check out his showreel to see the type of shots achievable.

John has experience in providing all types of shots using the drone -

  • B-Roll - The beauty about using drones is that they can capture a wide variety of shots in a short space of time.

  • GV’s - Using foreground and background really helps develop any shot but even more so with the drone. Threading the drone through tight spaces to reveal a background is a great way to keep the viewer engaged.

  • Crane/jib shots - provided the wind isn’t gusting strongly the drone can capture intricate jib like shots. Dual operator is usually required for this.

  • Tracking shots - depending on the complexity and surrounding terrain some tracking shots can be capturing with solo operation. While more complex shots require a gimbal operator to track the subject.

  • Presenter pieces to camera - The drone is an ideal tool to place a presenter in a landscape then pull back to reveal the landscape.


Aerial Photography Services

Using the drone is a tool to get a new perspective on buildings and landscapes. The Inspire 2 and Mavic Pro are capable of capturing high resolution images as well as creating stunning panoramas.

Drone photography has boomed in many sectors, house builders can now show potential customers the views from yet to be built floors, developers can use CGI to superimpose their developments into the landscape and engineers can now see detailed high resolution images of areas previously only accessible with costly rope work.

In the past John has provided shots of commercial properties, castles, houses and engineering projects.

Certified by the CAA for aerial work, he holds the legally required Third Party liability insurance.