John’s background is in camera work which has put him in a good position as using the drone is really just a tool to achieve great shots. Using the drone can be great for big expansive wide shots when necessary however he believes the gold comes from getting the drone through tight spots using foreground to develop shots.

John is a CAA approved freelance drone operator and aerial videographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and operating all over the world. He’s worked on a wide range of projects from commercials, adverts, documentaries and social media videos.

Filming with the Inspire 2 with the X7 & X5 cameras allows him to capture stunning shots even with the inclement Scottish weather! Capable of shooting 6k RAW, Prores or H.264/5 the camera is really an incredible bit of kit, suitable for the highest levels of production.

During his 5 years of using drones he’s had an impeccable safety record complying with the restrictions as stated by the CAA.


John is Scotland’s leading specialist drone videographer with extensive knowledge of Scotland having filmed at most of the popular locations from highlands to the lowlands and most places in between.